With Plastique gone, the competition has gotten real. At this point, these queens must be truly serving Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent — and in this particular episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, they must also serve witchcraft and wizardry. And we got a couple Hermione Grangers in our midst! They can’t do magic like her, but they can turn a look. (We all remember her garment at the Yule Ball in The Goblet of Fire. We all do! All of us.)

But first we get a fun little mini challenge — featuring a brief appearance from Emmy Award Winner (!!!) Delta Work — wherein the girls are each paired with a member of the Pit Crew and asked to do some sort of relay race where they squish balls in between two different body parts to try to get… you know what, bitch? This is a lot to explain. This challenge exists so we can see nearly naked men, and that’s fine. Miss Vanjie wins this challenge (a first for her) and is given the responsibility of splitting up two teams to perform in a magic show. She opts to put herself on a team chock full of charismatic queens, getting together with Silky, A’Keria, and Yvie. The show tries to make a whole to-do about Vanjie not selecting Brooke Lynn for her team, but I get it. You don’t want to bring work into the bedroom. You want things to stay fresh.

Okay, sidebar: I’m guessing these two have not had #conjugaltime, right? The show would probably frown on this, correct? Contestants like Willam have supposedly gotten the boot for getting it in, yes? I am not sure what the rules are here, but I do feel like Vanjie and Brooke Lynn seem to know each other, if you catch me. Or maybe this is a whole Chris Pratt-Schwarzenegger situation where they’re saving each other for marriage/when they get their phones back. Bitch, I don’t know. I also don’t know about Chris Pratt anymore. I couldn’t buy into Avengers: Endgamebecause the whole time I’m like, this guy’s crazy though, right? Anyway, back to my job.