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25 Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas You’ll Want to Copy


Recently, the minimalist style from the late ’90s to early ’00s has made a comeback to the front page of interior design magazines. The majority of people has grown love for the style because of its simplicity, warmth and coziness.

This style becomes popular when applied to the kitchen area. People say that the mixing of classic and modern decors gives a strong character to the area.

A farmhouse kitchen decor is closely related to country style. Some people can’t see the difference, but there are some distinctions between them.

The most noticeable one is the fact that country style decor is furnished with rustic furniture. On the other hand, a farmhouse kitchen decor only use rustic or recycled barn wood minimally.

In a farmhouse kitchen, you’ll find furniture that’s made of reclaimed or barn woods with a classic or vintage character.

However, to actualize this style, you need to be careful. Remember, this style prioritizes comfort. A vintage sofa, or the other furniture for that matter, has to spoil you with warmth, too.

So, it’s not always about how it looks, but also how it makes you feel. Below, we’ve provided you with 25 brilliant ideas of farmhouse kitchen decor.

1. Modern Black & Gold Farmhouse Kitchen

traditional farmhouse kitchens

This kitchen includes a black & gold theme where the gold is used on smaller elements, while black dominates the cabinet doors and drawers.

The countertop is a sleek white granite. There are wood elements decorate the wall as a three-stair rack.

2. The Exposed Wood Beams of Kitchen Farmhouse Style

rustic country kitchen decor

The exposed wood beams is inspired by the look of a barn. Other than that, they accentuate the natural element in the area. Exposed wood beams also add a grandeur architectural detail.

3. Butcher Block Farmhouse Kitchen Table

farmhouse kitchen decor ideas

Butcher block is a prominent feature of a farmhouse decor. It decorates the kitchen countertop.

It has a rustic look that completes the vintage feeling created by the industrial lamps hanging above it.

4. Farmhouse Kitchen in Contemporary Design

modern farmhouse kitchen decor

The white background is a smart choice, because the vintage paintings which are framed on the wall are now shown clearly.

Moreover, the polished wood flooring is also a nice contrast against the black cabinets.

5. Classic and Modern Mixture Farmhouse Kitchen

rustic farmhouse kitchen

Reclaimed barn wood is a trait of farmhouse decor. Here, the wood beams are exposed, giving a natural sense to the area.

Moreover, the island is using a butcher block style, elevating the rustic quality of the room.

6. Barn Wood Farmhouse Kitchen

traditional farmhouse kitchens

Exposed wood beams are decorating the ceiling. The feeling of nature is accentuated by the rustic furniture, such as the cabinets and shelvings which paint is peeling and wood looks rough. The industrial lamps are hanging above the butcher block style island.

7. Classic Wood and White Farmhouse Style Kitchen

rustic farmhouse kitchen
Molly Winn Photography

White is dominating the entire area. It paints the wooden planks used as walls and ceiling.

There’s one beam on the ceiling with a natural color and pattern, giving a calming contrast. Also, the vintage chandelier adds a vintage element to the room.

farmhouse kitchen decorating
Molly Winn Photography

Zoomed, the open shelving is made of wood planks that are made into racks. The paint of “Supermarket” sign is peeling and it looks rustic.

8. Shabby Chic Farmhouse Kitchen

modern farmhouse kitchen decor

The kitchen is dominated by wooden furniture. The cabinets and shelvings are made in a vintage style, which is practical and functional. The kitchen utensils displayed on the model are made of wood, too, which strengthen the natural elements.

9. Whitewashed Farmhouse Style Kitchen

rustic farmhouse kitchen
Jeanne Oliver Design

The big black lamp gives a touch of industrial style, complementing the black vintage chairs.

Moreover, the table and the long seat are made of reclaimed barn board, which the paint seems peeling apart, accentuating the rustic feeling in the area.

10. Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

traditional farmhouse kitchens

The country character of this kitchen can be seen from the barn boards used in almost every corner.

The ceiling and the wall are composed of barn boards painted in white. On the ceiling, there’s an exposed wood beam, giving the room a strong character.

11. Honeycomb Tiles in A Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen decor ideas

This honeycomb-like kitchen utilizes wood for several elements: the floors, the countertops and the racks on the wall.

In addition, the kitchen utensils are made of woods, too. Finally, the room achieves a rustic, country style area with a great architectural design details.

12. Low Beams Farmhouse Kitchen

rustic farmhouse kitchen

A huge space needs bigger beams, too. On the beam, the modern transparent lamps are hanging nicely.

Moreover, the beam here seems rough, which is the goal of this style. To accentuate the woods, use white as background color.

13. Contemporary Monochrome Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen decorating

This monochrome farmhouse kitchen utilizes barn board as racks to keep the utensils and cutlery on one space. The island stools are topped with recycled barn wood, too.

Moreover, the black on the cabinet doors is a modern contrast to the white on countertops and walls.

14. Farmhouse Kitchen Style in A Tight Space

rustic country kitchen decor

Natural, calming colors are chosen in this style: pastel blue, white and natural wood.

As usual, the barn board used as countertop strengthen the natural element of the style. In addition, the racks help you to organize kitchen utensils in a tight space.

15. Rustic Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

rustic farmhouse kitchen

Reclaimed barn woods are highlighting this kitchen.

You can clearly see that this farmhouse decor is bordering on country style, because almost all furniture are vintage.

The rustic table complements the style well, because of its peeling paint.

16. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

farmhouse kitchen decorating

The fact that it’s lacking of natural light is replaced by the mountings on the ceiling.

Moreover, the modern chandelier also provides a view above the warm butcher block island.

17. All White Farmhouse Kitchen

rustic country kitchen decor

White is neutral color. Moreover, it’s clear shade provides required brightness to make the area feels airy and more open. The farmhouse kitchen style can be seen from the exposed wood beam above the bar.

18. Sleek White Farmhouse Kitchen Design

rustic farmhouse kitchen

The exposed wood beam is accentuating the farmhouse style right away.

Then, the reclaimed woods used as racks also minimize the utensils from scattering.

Moreover, the wooden door frame matches well with the flooring.

19. Elegant White Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen decor ideas

Every inch of this area is decorated with white and gray, since an all white kitchen might have been too bright.

The gray on the reclaimed barn board used on the island really strengthening the farmhouse feeling. Plus, we can’t ignore the decoration display on the wall, too!

20. Country-Inspired Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen decor ideas

Emphasize your farmhouse style by installing a “Farmer’s Market” sign. Take a look at the exposed barn board used like a shield for the island.

In addition, the island comes stronger with a polished butcher block on the top.

21. Farmhouse Kitchen Island with Granite Countertop

rustic farmhouse kitchen

Granite represents modern detail in today’s fad, but it can work well with a farmhouse decoration, too.

This island is the result of it. It’s made of barn board and planks that have been repainted. The cross mark on the side adds a character to it.

22. Grey Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet

old farmhouse kitchens pictures

Grey and white is perfect mixture. Grey lessen the brightness of white, but it still gives a sense of calmness.

The cabinets are all in grey. Plus, they have a simple decor, which is one of a farmhouse decor’s characteristics.

23. Mid Century Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen ideas on a budget

Combining a farmhouse style with a sleek modern design results in a mid century modern layout.

The sleek stainless steel appliances work well with polished wood countertops.

In addition, white dominates the entire kitchen, which adds brightness to it.

24. Small Farmhouse Kitchen Idea

rustic farmhouse kitchen

The space is limited, but the decoration is on point. All the utensils and decorations are managed on the racks made of reclaimed barn boards.

The countertop is made of polished barn board, too, and so does the table top. They maintain the sense of nature in this room.

25. U-Shaped White Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen decorating

U-shaped kitchen a great solution for a tight space. Use white background to make it open and airy.

Using a farmhouse decor, of course, you need to insert the natural element; the barn wood.


30 Rustic Countertops That Will Make Your Home Cozier and Comfier


source: houzz

Rustic countertops are often chosen by those who long for that familiar comfort and warmth of staying in a cabin. What if we want to bring those feelings to our own house?

You don’t need to transform your existing house into a fully furnished rustic cabin. What you need to is to change some elements of the house, such as the countertops.

Today, we’re going to talk about everything related to rustic countertops: types of rustic materials used as countertops, types of woods, advantages and disadvantages, and pros and cons about rustic countertops.

Let’s have a look!

3 Rustic Countertops Styles

There are three different styles of rustic countertops: raw wood edge, reclaimed wood, and butcher block. Here is the detail about each one of them:

1. Raw Wood Edge Rustic Countertops

rustic kitchen countertops
source: houzz

These days, raw wood edge is sought after for decoration, especially by those who want to get closer to nature. However, raw wood edge looks great too when used as countertop like this.

rustic granite countertops
source: houzz

The design depends on your preference. If the previous one the raw wood edge is accompanied by similar materials for the entire room, this one introduces you to a simpler design, or a minimalist style, we would say.

So far, we’ve learned that raw wood edge is perfect for bathroom countertops. Its appearance brings to mind the same feeling to when we were in a health spa.

Unless you have woodwork skill, including the tools, we’d like to recommend you to ask a professional chainsaw man to cut the raw wood edge.

2. Reclaimed Wood Rustic Countertops for Dining Table

rustic wood countertops for kitchens
source: houzz

Rustic countertops are brilliant alternatives for a dining table too, or breakfast table? You name it! a reclaimed wood looks as good as raw wood edge.

Moreover, a reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly material. When utilizing a reclaimed wood, you’re not only helping the environment but also helping yourself by buying economical item.

Why is it economical? It’s because you can find a reclaimed wood from anywhere, even your own house.

Old kitchen area tops, old floors, doors or tables can be recycled into a brand new rustic countertop or rustic table like this. We’d like to recommend you pallet wood. It looks amazing and durable.

3. Butcher Block Rustic Countertops for Kitchen Island

rustic countertops
source: houzz

First of all, the all-white kitchen style helps to emphasize the rustiness of the wood. The idea comes from the original butcher table.

Well, you’ll use it to butch vegetables and also meats as well on here. Besides, the size can be customized. It should depend on your actual or desired kitchen island.

You don’t want to get behind the trend, are you?

Butcher block rustic countertops for Kitchen Island are currently on the rise. We should be real and say the truth that this look is amazing!

12 Types of Woods for Countertops

rustic tile countertops
source: architecturedigest

There are, at least, 12 different types of woods for making countertops. Each of these woods has its own uniqueness—plus and minus aspects.

For example, bamboo and maple have become people’s choice these days. Due to that fact alone, they have two specific characteristics famous around people: easy to obtain and durable.

Other than bamboo and maple, mesquite, black walnut and cherry are also famous for rustic countertops. In short, types of woods included in softwood category is considered as the standard for rustic tops, according to FSC and LEED standards.

1. Cherry Wood

rustic laminate countertops
source: pinterest

Cherry is one of Americans’ favorite wood. “Why?” you asked. The most popular trait of cherry wood is it doesn’t age.

As it gets older, its color which is a subtle red becomes deeper and even more dramatic. With such trait, cherry wood is mostly used for countertops in the form of butcher blocks or piano.

2. Zebra Wood

rustic countertops

The zebra wood obtains its nickname from its distinct pattern—obviously, stripes that look like zebra’s.

Such pattern offers you a distinct boldness that makes your kitchen stand out from common kitchen area designs. Anyone who walks into your kitchen will be amazed by how gorgeous this pattern is!

3. Bamboo

rustic wood slab countertops

Bamboo is widely used for housing materials, especially in tropical countries like South East Asian countries. There, bamboo is believed for its strength.

Therefore, it is also usable for a countertop. Like this idea, the bamboo makes a wonderful rustic countertop. Other than that, it’s a very environmentally friendly material.

4. Wormy Chestnut Wood

rustic butcher block countertops
source: countryliving

The key to master rustic appearance is the age of the wood itself. A recovered chestnut wood has a known beauty of rustic appearance that has been acknowledge nation-wide.

It has an admirable softness. Even in the style of butcher block, wormy chestnut wood looks so fine.

5. Maple Wood

rustic kitchen countertops

Maple wood is praised for its gorgeous-bright color. It is the perfect choice to lighten up the mood in the kitchen.

Moreover, maple wood has two more aspects distinguished it from others: resilience and resistance to abrasion.

When you create a butcher block countertop from maple wood, it looks extremely stunning!

6. Hickory Wood

rustic tile countertops
source: homebnc

Until today, hickory wood is known as the most durable wood across America. The wood has survived over 50 million years on American lands, which is a fact driven by scientific truth. The wood also has a wonderful color. It is perfect for a rustic countertop material.

7. Mahogany Wood

rustic laminate countertops
source: houzz

Among a lot of different types of woods, Mahogany stands on its private podium. It is commonly used for those who want to build a cabin-warmth atmosphere in their kitchen.

As you can tell, mahogany wood is an expensive wood, because it is categorized as softwood and it has a distinct brown-red color that’s attractive to anyone’s eyes.

8. Teak Wood

rustic butcher block countertops

Teak originally comes from Mexico’s pacific coast. It has two unique traits that draw people to like it, bold appearance and durability.

The boldness comes from its signature warm color, while durability comes from its ability to resist moist, making us whose spilling drinks has become a habit safe.

9. Black Walnut Wood

rustic kitchen countertops

Black walnut wood is divided into two kinds; those are sapwood and heartwood. Each of these kinds has different color, for example, the sapwood is more honey cream, while the heartwood is dark brown which is almost black—even bordering on purple.

Other than famous for its color, the black walnut woods are also known for its durability and unique pattern—gorgeous grain.

10. Wenge Wood

rustic bathroom countertops
source: homebnc

Wenge wood originally comes from African lands. There and here, the wood is so popular. The most noticeable aspect of the wood that catches your attention must be the color.

It has a stand out dark brown color with black stains. It is perfect for rustic countertops, because it has a great durability and has been utilized for furnishings since years ago.

11. Beech Wood

rustic concrete countertops
source: pinterest

Beech wood wasn’t a diva back then, because old chainsaw wasn’t strong enough to cut it.

These days, with the advancement of technology, beech wood becomes one of popular woods for rustic countertops.

It is heavy, but its heaviness marks a strong and durable entity. It looks awesome, but it is extremely affordable. Get that orange slash pink shade rustic countertop for your kitchen now!

Read Also:

12. Tiger Wood

rustic wood countertops for kitchens
source: pinterest

If you’re looking for a wood harder than beech, tigerwood is your answer. On this list, tigerwood is by far the hardest and the strongest wood of all 12 of them.

Another distinct characteristic is its strong stripes. Therefore, not only that it is strong in term of durability, but it is also strong in term of style declaration.

4 Must Have Characteristics of Excellent Countertop

rustic wood slab countertops
source: britishstandardcupboards

After looking through the list of types of woods usually used for rustic countertops material, you may be wondering about the characteristics of a high quality wood.

Let us break it down to you, there are shapes, types, colors, and surfaces.

Remember, a good countertop—which is made of the perfect wood—is warmer when touched.

Moreover, wood is easy to alter. It takes a short time to cut or set up wood countertops compared to stone or other strong surfaces. In addition, when we talk about rustic, we talk about wood material and no other. Period.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rustic Wood Countertops

rustic concrete countertops
source: countryliving

There are some advantages of using wood as countertops. They are:

  • Quiet: No clinking noises whatsoever when you eating or cutting food.
  • Safer: Since it has softer surface, it is much safer for pans or glass.
  • Resistant: Wood is known as heat and citrus resistant.
  • Anti-bacteria: Once a wood countertop is sealed properly, it becomes a natural antibacterial device.
  • Stylish detail: Wood has more unique patterns
  • Comfy: It is a more comfortable material than any material other than wood
rustic wood kitchen countertops
source: countryliving

However, there are also some disadvantages—or cons—of using wood countertop. They are:

  • Maintenance. It requires a high maintenance, such as regular oiling which takes 2 to 3 times a year.
  • Or even more, wood is considered as a “live surface” which means fungus may grow on/in it if not maintained properly, and it has to be kept from water spill.


Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas for Your Perfect Home


undermount white Corner Kitchen Sink picture

Individuals frequently have problem with with corner kitchen sink layout ideas when they are thinking of the format of their kitchen.

The very first point to do is to consider what type of sink you intend to acquire. Home appliance shops have brand-new, ingenious sinks that will certainly blow your mind. The sink where you could touch the tap to transform the water on is an excellent choice.

The following point to do is to think of the style you desire for your kitchen counter tops. What design is mosting likely to standout and also share your kitchen area character?

Marble is a terrific option however after that you need to determine just what kind. Do not stress, there is assist there. As soon as you go to an expert, select your choice, as well as it is set up in your kitchen area, what’s the following step?

Every kitchen area requires a backsplash to highlight the special layout of your corn kitchen area sink. You have to find out exactly what selects the marble style of your counter tops. Allows state you have actually picked a black marble kitchen counter, after that your backsplash can be a white and also blue pattern to stand the marble out.

When you have your backsplash, you prepare to equip your edge kitchen area sink with expert food preparation appliances.

A fridge, range, toaster oven, blender or food processor, coffee machine, and also a microwave are the standard basics that you’ll should make your kitchen area like residence.

There are numerous selections around and also if you’re a cook, you’ll require even more compared to that making your edge cooking area sink layout concepts involve life.

In completion all of us have various concepts of just what will certainly make our edge kitchen area sink truly beam.

You should develop a kitchen area room that will certainly make you satisfied to prepare in as well as make memories for several years to come.

Corner kitchen sink styles

Corner Kitchen Sink Design

It would not be incorrect whatsoever if the kitchen is described as the most crucial area in a house.

It is where food originates from, which food resembles battery to people, it is the resource of power, hence making the kitchen area a crucial part of the house.

There are numerous aspects that could be done to offer the inside of your residence a famous look. However, the usage of the readily available area is crucial when it involves the corner kitchen sink design. With flooring room being a costs in bulk of modern residences as well as small apartment, linking a corner kitchen sink provides various advantages.

Corner kitchen sink is an essential component of the cooking area. Moreover, its area in the kitchen could create 2 points; it either boosts performance in the cooking area or it might make maneuver in the cooking area far more tough if it is not well prepared.

Because of that it is just one of the areas in the kitchen area that is most often made use of, obtaining the ideal kitchen sinks suggestions could be rather useful.

Someone typically have troubles with suggestions of edge cooking area sinks layouts in the creativity of exactly how the format of their cooking area would certainly be.

Identifying the sort of sink to be made use of in your cooking area must be the very first step to take, plus its shapes and size, which must be figured out after thinking about the offered room in the kitchen area.

Corner Kitchen Sink Decor

Although in some cases, corner kitchen sinks could look extremely uncomfortable, a little bit challenging, and unpleasant to deal with, yet no one could say with that they look spectacular.

They could not provide comparable advantages as the regular kind however they have entire distinct features which we are gonna learn together.

If the style of your cooking area is inadequate or uncomfortable, probably it does not have a huge area or it is doing not have in a few other points in the format, you need to think about a corner kitchen sink.

Though this positioning could be a means to be reliable, amusing, and also clever in the application of the layout, it might nevertheless have some severe negative aspects which you could should consider around.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Corner Kitchen Sink

Advantage: Saving Flooring Area

Corner kitchen sink christmast design image

Especially in a tiny kitchen area, an edge sink might liberate some flooring area as well as for that reason make it less complicated for greater than a single person to do jobs in the cooking area at the exact same time.

A person working in the sink needs to be based up until the work is done, hence edge positioning enables activity of some else to do various other points in the kitchen area such as collect active ingredients or participate in to the food.

Advantage: Storage space

Corner Kitchen Sinks With Staggering Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas For Fascinating Corner Kitchen Sinks

The transformed wedge formed closet situated under an edge sink does not just develop adequate room for keeping cleansing products, cooking area equipment, and also various other points. But, it additionally supplies even more space for plumbing pipelines, though you need to recognize that these advantages include a factor to consider.

For somebody that has sewer kitchen counter top like granite for example, it is challenging for a corner kitchen sink cupboard to offer the assistance they may need.

Advantage: Conserving Counter Area

Undermount Corner Kitchen Sink modern home design ideas bathroom storage mirror

The back edges of counters are not used in any way, underutilized or made use of as storage space in some kitchen areas. It is probably, not typical to save components or devices that are commonly made use of behind-the-scenes as the edge might be as well challenging to get to or to tidy up.

Setting up a corner sink makes this location that is not effectively made use of a core component of the layout of your kitchen.

Setting up a corner sink likewise enables lengthy stretches of counter room which is useful for constant residence cooking and also high amount food preparation. If you prepare large sets of pasta, soup or stew for your fridge freezer, cook bread usually or simply desire a room sufficient to unload all the grocery store bags, lengthy counters are extremely useful.

Advantage: Look

beautiful Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas images

A corner kitchen sink is undoubtedly exceptional when it comes to look. No one would certainly see it as well as would not chat or assume regarding it late. It will certainly be born in mind. Due to its superior or remarkable look, it might additionally be a great marketing factor in a home that is up for sale.

A remarkable look does not make something pointless and also there is absolutely nothing incorrect with it as long as it is useful. An corner kitchen sink will certainly provide a bigger location of counter room, which could be silent useful.

Advantage: Style Adaptability

amazing Corner Kitchen Sink image

In little cooking areas, fully needs to be made use of intelligently and also effectively, taking on a corner kitchen sink suggestion could supply as much workplace as possible.

Disadvantage: Sink Dimension

white Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas image

A set of sinks side to side to a solitary which implies bigger cooking area sink has actually been something that has actually been trending recently.

The angle of the sink gets rid of the opportunity of having a huge sink in the corner, so it’s harder to clean toasting frying pans as well as huge pans quickly.

The sink merely isn’t really as effective as it should certainly be, which’s not a good idea in a great kitchen area. You should have the kitchen area be significant as well as practical|practical as well as significant as well.

Disadvantage: The Dish washer Difficulty

Undermount Corner Kitchen Sink jetted tub shower combo walk in closet furniture

If your dish-washing machine is put appropriate close to an edge sink, your accessibility to the sink will certainly be blocked when you unlock of the dish-washing machine, therefore making it difficult to pack recipes while standing at the sink.

You will certainly have adequate room to covey the meals from the sink to the dish washer without trickling when you position your dish-washing machine 2-3 feet far from the center-point of the edge sink, yet it requires cautious dimension to ensure that you have sufficient room for movement.

Disadvantage: Limited Breathing space

undermount white Corner Kitchen Sink picture

It could be hard for 2 individuals to function side by side with a corner sink. Also if each of you is placed in other ends of the counter top, it is still feasible to run into each various other as you rush for sink space.

Disadvantage: Cleansing

shabby chic kitchen sink

A counter edge that is vacant could require you to extend a little to tidy however is much less requiring as compared to the much more difficult cleansing required around a sink.

Maintaining the edge location behind the sink devoid of dust as well as mold-supporting wetness will certainly indicate making a long, uncomfortable reach to tidy up often times a day.

Corner Cooking area Sink Layout Suggestions

rustic Corner Kitchen Sink image

The kitchen area corner is actually a wonderful area to put a kitchen area sink due to the fact that a corner will not be a blockage for motion around the kitchen area, and provides backwards getting to area for holding tools as well as various other cooking area items.

As a result of this, we have actually developed a checklist of wonderful edge kitchen area sink layout suggestions and also we wish our result will certainly provide you a motivation for a cooking area style you have actually constantly fantasized about.

Country French Corner Sink

Rustic Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas

Positioning a plate shelf on top of this edge sink will certainly reduce placing recipes away. The faucet as well as apron-front sink admires the typical design of the cabinets and also the beaded-board backsplash.

Stainless Corner Kitchen Sink

Corner Kitchen Sink remodel picture

The stainless corner kitchen sink has a phenomenal cut as well as showcases a filter on the side. It has a layout that is modern-day, look that is spectacular as well as a matching coating as well.|It has a style that is contemporary, look that is spectacular and also a matching coating. Dazzling!

The Dual Corner Kitchen Sink

Corner Kitchen Sink Image with flower

This corner sink style is preferable for those kitchen areas with big area. It includes mounting 2 tool sized sinks on both sides of the edge space. To make sure that water could conveniently reach both sinks, setting up a tap that could be offered is not a poor suggestion.

The most effective aspect of this edge sink layout is that it produces an additional area in the edge due to the positioning of the tool sized.

The Wide Container Corner Sink Style

granite coated kitchen countertop with Corner Kitchen Sink image

This layout can including an added radiance or charm to any type of kitchen area layout. This broad rectangle-shaped container isn’t really that deep however offsets room with upright size. The abundant shade of the metal sink is completely enhanced by the complete tinted marble counter-top.

This design of sink likewise has a much appropriate sided drainpipe and also would certainly look terrific with a metal tap as well as fixtures.

Copper Corner Kitchen Sink

modern clean Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas image

Locate a cozy, abundant copper apron-front sink in an attract attention corner in a white kitchen area, and you would not think the elegance you will certainly see. You could include matching cupboard equipment or towel bars to link the appearance with each other as well as you make sure to have a stunning kitchen.

The Deep Single Container Steel Sink

Corner Kitchen Sinks Inside Leading Corner Kitchen Sink Pictures

This advanced developed corner kitchen sink is a mix of simpleness with modern layout, as well as it’s not simply contemporary, it’s likewise practical.

On one side of this sink is a draining pipes board that has small sloping right into the sink, as well as a smooth external surface area. The deep solitary container of the sink flaunts absolutely no span edges. The sink is close to the linked draining pipes board makings recipe cleaning less complicated. It is rather a view to behold.

Granite Countertops Kitchen Sink

granite countertop with Corner Kitchen Sink image

Granite countertop kitchen sink has a stainless-steel decrease which provides it a wonderful appearance. And also protesting the black granite counter top, paired with an elegant tap making it trendy the extra, this sink is gorgeous undoubtedly.

It additionally showcases 2 faucets; huge one and also little one. You could make use of the room behind the sink for maintaining planters or cleaning devices and also the storage room under the sink could be made use of to maintain cleansing devices as well as anything you regard suitable.

The sink is positioned in between the refrigerator as well as the array|the variety as well as the refrigerator most times, yet mounting an edge sink conserves area. A changed wedge room is created right under the edge sink which could confirm to be extremely helpful for keeping various points. It offers versatility in design.

The edge is typically an unused area; an edge sink take advantage of that room. Additionally, a corner sink provides a lengthy stretch of work area in the kitchen area. After reviewing this post as well as seeing our special kitchen area sinks suggestions, we wish you could be motivated by them when you ultimately choose to embrace among this designs.

Final Thought

Corner Kitchen Sinks In Delightful Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas

Making optimum use the tiny areas is an overwhelming job, and also it is the greatest difficulty for a home owners/ housewives. Enhancing a corner area is normally a complex event which requires a fragile equilibrium in between performance as well as kind.

Nevertheless, a corner kitchen sink is the best suggestion if you are seeking to maximize the little room in your cooking area. If your dish-washing machine is positioned best close to a corner sink, your accessibility to the sink will certainly be blocked when you open up the door of the dish washer, hence making it difficult to fill meals while standing at the sink.


Craftsman Style House: History, Characteristics, and Ideas


Craftsman style house has a long history in America. It has a unique and distinct characteristic that most people love. Its interior and exterior hold specific details that can be found in no other kind of houses.

People are lured by its artistic architectural details, such as elegant roofline or front porch.

In fact, there are more than that in a craftsman style house and you need to know why it is one of the most popular type of houses in America.

First of all, a little bit of its historical background will help you ease in.

History of craftsman style house

This America’s popular house was actually born in Britain. Around 19th century, Britain was undergoing an industrial revolution.

At that time, handcrafted product made by individual worker had lost its value due to the flourishing mass production from machines.

Thankfully, there was British Arts and Crafts Movement who stood against the phenomenon. They took back the dignity and precious value of handcrafted products.

When it came to America, some of its “over-decorating” trait was decreased to meet the demand of American middle class.

Later on, the house was known for its originality, simplicity, local and natural materials, and the beautifully visible handicraft. That’s where the name “Craftsman” came from as well. To easily identify this type of house, you need to be familiar with its characteristics.

Characteristics of craftsman house

A craftsman house can easily be identified through some unique features. Those features are visible on both exterior and interior designs.

On the exterior, there are some distinctions you can recognize: Entryway that’s lined by pillars, nice front porch that’s covered, wide eaves with exposed rafters, hanging windows and dormer or skylight in a more modern term.

Meanwhile, the interior of a craftsman house also has particular features, such as fireplace that becomes the most prominent part of the house, built-in storage and, basically, a lot of woods.

As you hope to own a craftsman house in the near future, we’d like to show you some craftsman style house ideas that might interest you!

Craftsman Style House Ideas

A lot of people say that a craftsman house feels like a real house, because it feels warm and welcoming.

Perhaps, those feelings come from the fact that the house is built with characters. Well, it is true that a craftsman house has its own peculiar personality that draws people in to like it.

These are some beautiful craftsman house ideas for your new home, and let’s see if any of these gives you the warmth and welcome!

1. Craftsman Style House with 2nd Floor Balcony

Craftsman-style House

This massive craftsman house exudes a warm-hearted charm. Its natural wood materials look inviting.

The lining pillars appear sturdy, supporting the eaves. Moreover, the lighting on the front porch adds more warmth to the entire house.

2. Exposed Brick Walls Craftsman House

craftsman-style house landscaping

The house shows up with a unique idea of utilizing bricks for exterior decoration.

The exposed bricks emphasize the idea of simplicity that a craftsman doesn’t have to be exuberant to appeal.

3. Sage Green Craftsman House

Craftsman-style House detailing

The exterior appears modestly with a simple front yard garden layout. Moreover, the covered front porch is illuminated by a rather warm ambience, making it feels like home.

4. Grand Fireplace in A Craftsman House

craftsman style house pictures

The prominent fireplace comes with a built-in that can be used for anything: bookshelves, cabinets or display.

The lighting fixtures give out a balanced combination between the wood accents and the ambience.

5. Craftsman Wood Beam Highlight

craftsman style home accessories

The prominent fireplace is obvious, so let’s just focus on the elegant wood beams on the ceiling. They give the house a really strong character.

6. Craftsman Unique Windows

craftsman style house history

What’s craftsman without its unique windows?

The symmetrical placement of the windows in this idea is brilliant, inviting natural light into the living room, making the room comfortable.

7. Classic Craftsman Kitchen

craftsman style house exterior

This classic craftsman kitchen is rich with woodwork. The cabinets, breakfast bar and the dining table are made of wood with strong brown tones.

8. Modern Craftsman Kitchen Design

craftsman style house windows

Getting rid of the wood in the kitchen, you can still leave some on the ceiling.

Those wood beams appear sturdy against the white ceiling, giving the kitchen a classic craftsman atmosphere.

9. Sleek Craftsman Kitchen Idea

craftsman style house siding

This is a combination between classic craftsman kitchen and modern lighting.

The set of cabinetry is made of excellent wood, which is enhanced with the ambience created by the fixture above.

10. L-shaped Craftsman Kitchen Cabinet

craftsman style house exterior

This L-shaped rustic kitchen cabinet is well-designed. It uses only one particular tone of wood on the set of cabinetry, leaving the vent in black to emphasize the beautiful details.

11. Craftsman House in A Tropical Island

craftsman style house colors

The style of this craftsman is so tropical. The coconut trees are lining alongside craftsman’s unique pillars.

The overhanging eaves appear to mimic tourist resorts in Bali that makes you feel like vacation every day!

12. Open Concept Craftsman Dining Room

craftsman style house plans one story

This formal dining room is decorated with an exuberant chandelier. Moreover, the dining room can be seen directly from the kitchen counter, making the room feels wider and not stiff.

13. Craftsman Dining Room with A Grand Fireplace

craftsman style home accessories

The fireplace becomes the center of the room and its warmth tightens the bond of the family during supper.

Even though it’s lacking natural wood accents, the beams are still very craftsman.

craftsman style house numbers

Craftsman house is made for a big family, providing extra seating space directly under the hanging windows like so is perfect. You’ll also find the woodwork in this idea wondrous.

15. A Curved Craftsman Entry Way

craftsman style house landscaping

This craftsman house has a unique entry way; It kind of look like an entry for hobbits in Tolkien’s movies.

The beauty also lies on the stone beauty. The stone as natural material emphasizes the house’s originality.

16. Craftsman-style Bedroom

craftsman style house landscaping

This bedroom shows simple woodwork because it only has little furniture. Looking closely, this set of furniture is made with amazing details. So, it is simple, yet it is also crafty and artsy.

17. Huge Craftsman Windows

craftsman style house numbers

One of the most noticeable features of a craftsman house is its huge windows.

This bedroom has a nice layout positioning the headboard against the windows, so the natural light doesn’t blind you when you wake up.

19. A Little Craftsman Bedroom

craftsman style house siding

This bedroom may be small, but it has good size windows and an opening to a private porch. The uniqueness is also seen from the ceiling, which gives the room a character.

20. Natural Accents Craftsman Bedroom

craftsman style house plans with basement

The wall is painted with a lighter tone of brown, while it is topped by the strong, dark brown color of the furniture (nightstand, bed, dresser and vanity), so the woodwork on the furniture becomes the center of attention.

21. Tall Craftsman Door

craftsman style house plans with basement

The simplicity of this tall craftsman door style is shown by its minimum detail, yet sleek design. The plants and the lighting fixtures speak about how the owner wants to keep it simple.


31 Most Favorite Ideas of Reclaimed Barn Wood Kitchen Islands


New Year is just around the corner and people are beginning to put interest to natural things, such as reclaimed wood for furniture.

There are many reasons to start utilizing reclaimed wood, for example: (a) it’s more affordable and (b) it has a sense of warm welcome.

Due to that reasons alone, we believe you want to take a look around these popular reclaimed barn wood ideas for kitchen islands.

Let’s go!

1. Reclaimed Pine Wood Basic Kitchen Island

barnwood kitchen island plans

“Why do you choose pine wood?” You may asked. In case you haven’t been told by anyone, pine wood is popular for its durability. Its capability of staying young is amazing. That’s why we chose pine.

Moreover, if you’re going with a simple design for a minimalist kitchen island, this is the most basic design of a kitchen island.

It is a rectangular shaped island. The frame is painted in white, while the pine wood is left natural.

2. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island on Wheels

barnwood kitchen island top

An island is mostly permanently fixed onto the floor. This design is clearly an exception.

With wheels, it allows the island to be portable. Later on, when you entertain neighbors, friends or family in the yard, you can bring this with you!

In addition, the reclaimed wood gives you a rustic appearance which appeals to anyone.

3. Rustic Kitchen Design with Refurnished Old Wood

barnwood kitchen island top

The island isn’t the only furniture in the kitchen that you can transform using a refurnished old wood.

Go all out by transforming the entire kitchen with rustic design, which means the refurnished old wood is utilized for cabinetry, islands and ceilings.

As you see, to balance the rustic atmosphere, use stone backsplash and wood island countertop.

4. Recovered Oak Kitchen Island with Granite Countertop

how to make a reclaimed wood kitchen island

You may wonder, “Is a farmhouse-style kitchen with a recovered wood island appropriate for a modern apartment?”

Well, yes!

This is a totally modern house or apartment, as seen from the layout of the kitchen which is open to the living room, the lighting and the stainless steel appliances.

But the rustic appearance of the recovered oak wood blends well to the surrounding, especially the pattern which balances black color used in cabinetry and sofa.

5. Darken Reclaimed Old Pine Island

salvaged wood kitchen island

Pine wood stands out among other types of woods because of its durability and natural color. If its natural color is too bright, you can darken it as you like.

Usually, it depends on the specific theme used for the kitchen or the entire house, for that matter.

This kitchen chooses to go with natural theme. Take a look at the darken recovered pine wood used for the island, cabinet, wall frames and ceiling trims!

Not only that, the wall is made of natural cut-stone which perfect the natural-theme look!

6. Recovered Barnwood Island for A Rustic Kitchen Style

reclaimed barnwood kitchen island

Rustic countertop or kitchen in general, is considered as attractive. It has its own charm, for example, it has rustic appearance which gives us a warm feeling; it feels like we’re welcomed dearly in this kitchen.

Moreover, using recovered barn wood for a kitchen is a great idea to save some money. The natural color of recovered barn wood is caramel brown and you can combine brown with light colors, such as white.

7. Reclaimed Logs Kitchen Island

reclaimed wood island flip or flop

To make a beautiful kitchen island—whether the frame or the top, you need to process the log, transforming its form from a solid log to a wooden plank.

However, this idea introduces us to the elimination of that process. The logs are used to support the table top.

The natural caramel look of the logs is charming, making you feel like you’re in a tree house.

8. Reclaimed Old Pine Kitchen Counter

how to make a reclaimed wood kitchen island

A kitchen island often works double as a breakfast bar—or any time you eat-bar. As seen, this is an example of a simple bar. It has a simple rectangular shape.

The pattern on the wood is a natural wood pattern which gives the island/bar a strong character. Such color needs a granite countertop with similar hue.

To emphasize the wood’s rustic appearance, choose white cabinetry to provide a clear background.

9. White Recovered Wood Kitchen Cabinetry

barn wood islands

People are wondering if a recovered old wood can sit together with a modern kitchen style.

Of course, they can get along very well!

In this design, the old wood planks are implemented on the back of the desk and the drawer. To strengthen the natural element, you can also utilize the old recovered wood to the wall extended to the floor.

10. All-white Luxurious White Recovered Wood

how to make a reclaimed wood kitchen island

What a huge pantry! This is an example of a large kitchen. The counter is open to the living room and the eating area, making it the perfect spot to store wines.

To make it convenient, you can DIY one side of the island cabinet to become a creative wine storage.

Can you spot the recovered wood? It has been applied to the cabinetry, island, as well as the ceiling trims. Since this design wants to avoid rustic look, the wood has been repainted with white color.


11. Farmhouse Style Kitchen with Recovered Old Wood

barn wood islands

A farmhouse style kitchen has a unique atmosphere; it’s serene. Perhaps, the old wood used for furnishing breathes out warmth.

It makes you feel closer to nature; it makes you feel welcomed. If you admire or even plan to have a farmhouse style kitchen, may us recommend you a dark recovered wood like so?

The old woods have been transformed into several furnishings here; the cabinets, ceiling trims, flooring, and the kitchen island that doubled as an eating bar.

You can add your personal touch, such as making a book shelf on the counter, so your children can eat and read book at the same time, or you can keep some cooking books neatly in there.

12. Customized Kitchen Island Using Pine Wood

salvaged wood kitchen island

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a gorgeous kitchen island design. When it happens, you should consider customizing.

This is one of customized island examples. It is unique, because it is divided into two sections; (a) eating table for two or three—at most and (b) the cutting and washing area above the customized shelves and drawers.

13. Recovered Rustic Barnwood Counter

In a lot of cases, most people feel the farmhouse style kitchen is too outdated. It can be solved by combining the unique character of farmhouse style kitchen and modern kitchen design.

The distinct character of a farmhouse is shown through the use of barn wood for ceiling trims, cabinets, island, and flooring.

Meanwhile, the modernity is seen from the furnishing, such as stainless steel vent and the contemporary lighting fixture.

14. Polished Recovered Wood for a Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen

One of many reasons why people choose to go with a farmhouse kitchen style is the welcoming feeling that’s felt very warm.

Perhaps, the warmth comes from the recovered wood on the island and the ceiling.

Since the recovered wood has been polished, it reflects the light from the lamps and the accents, making the room shines brightly.

15. Rectangular Barn wood Kitchen Countertop

reclaimed wood island flip or flop

The minimalist island has shelves to store bottles or cooking ingredients. On top of that, there are two small additional drawers.

This customized island is topped by rectangular barn wood that has been re-polished to look sleek. Moreover, the natural pattern on the wood looks amazing and unique.

16. Recovered Wood for an L-shaped Kitchen

barnwood kitchen island plans

Natural colors offer a relaxing feeling and a warm welcome. Let’s see, the flooring is composed of polished hardwood with color deeper than the recovered wood used for cabinetry and island.

Meanwhile, the recovered wood is left unpolished. It stays in its natural color and pattern. To create an excellent contrast, use white countertop.

17. Reclaimed Oak Wood Customized Island

salvaged wood kitchen island

It’s an excellent design! Oak is known for its brilliant natural color and unique pattern. Due to that reasons, the reclaimed oak wood is better left unpolished.

Here, the oak makes an astonishing breakfast bar accompanied by four wooden chairs. Another element that comes to attention is the lighting fixture.

The fixture on the ceiling is an updated, modern lamp surrounded by accents which gives the area an appropriate ambience.

18. Recovered Rectangular Island Countertop

barnwood kitchen island top

If it’s not damaged, it can be saved. This was an old rustic wood that was almost thrown out, but a keen eye saw the fortune and took it back to save it.

The rustic old wood is polished to make the pattern visible again after such a long time. The simplicity of the shape makes the pattern comes out stronger.

19. Customized Pine Recovered Wood Island

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

Sometimes, no store or catalogue can fulfill your thirst of a nice kitchen island. If that occurs, it’s highly suggested that you order a customized kitchen island.

This one is simple. It only has two drawers on each side and an open space at the bottom to store anything.

At the top, the island is topped by a pine wood countertop that has been recovered. The wood makes a strong statement over the black drawers.

20. Reclaimed Barn Wood Farmhouse Style Kitchen

barnwood kitchen island plans

Barn wood is mesmerizing. Ugh, you gotta agree! We all love its appearance and its rusty texture.

You don’t even have to put so much effort into making it look modern, because it looks just fine with its rustic barn wood appearance in this modern kitchen.

You can be creative and transform your old flooring into the same material as the island. To balance the soft natural color, choose color in a lighter shade, such as this silver gray.

21. Customized Recovered Barn Wood Island

barnwood kitchen island top

A kitchen island is used as an extended space for preparing meals. It has to have a clean, smooth surface and enough storage for spices or anything needed for ingredients.

We know, to open and close the cabinet door is a waste of time. To make it effective, get rid of the door and create an opening on each side.

The opening can be customized with two or more shelves based on your needs. However, you need a durable recovered wood to make an amazing island.

22. An All-White Kitchen Design with Recovered Oak Wood

how to make a reclaimed wood kitchen island

An oak wood has a strong dark caramel color, so it is important for you to stick it out. One way to do it is to put it over a clear background, such as white.

As seen on the design above, white base gives the recovered oak wood a strong character. The wood is successfully standing out with its distinct natural black stains.

23. Natural made-like Recovered Oak Wood Island

reclaimed wood kitchen island diy

This island is combination of two different woods. The wood used as the top is a recovered oak wood that has not been polished.

It shows off its natural color that is light caramel, while the island cabinet at the bottom has a darker caramel color.

Moreover, the cabinet has a very simple design. To put the look together, install some interesting light fixture above.

24. Granite Top and A Recovered Pine Wood Cabinet

modern kitchen island

There are a lot of types of wood reusable for a cabinet, but there is only one particular wood that attracts so many people; pine wood. Pine is popular for its dark color and its durability.

Pine wood is the elven of the wood realm; it gets even more beautiful as it ages. Here, the pine is used to make an island cabinet with a shallow opening on the side, while it is topped by a granite countertop.

25. Recovered Wood Island Cabinet

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

Recovered wood becomes an alternative idea to spend less money, because it’s more affordable than those new cabinets.

In fact, we can obtain a great look from a thrift shop cabinet material. Here, the recovered wood has been transformed into an almond white cabinet with a granite countertop.

26. Reclaimed Oak Island Countertop

kitchen island diy

The kitchen area is decorated with white furniture; the kitchen cabinets, breakfast counter seats, window frames and the French door.

Even the lower cabinets are topped by white granite top. A reclaimed oak wood takes the spotlight on the island.

It is a simple rectangular design with a long stripe pattern. The oak is a smart choice because it’s very durable and easy to clean.

27. Customized Portable Barn Wood Island

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

Make your kitchen island more effective by extending its function. This can be an extension of an island which you can move around after attaching some wheels.

In fact, a portable island extension is a great alternative for a party or a small gathering. The island is made of recovered barn wood which has been repainted with a stronger caramel color.

28. Rustic Counter Made of Barn Wood

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

This rustic small extension island is made of recycled barn wood which has been re-polished. The lower part is opened to two shelves.

On top of that, there are two drawers and a handle on each.

Meanwhile, on the upper part is the rectangular-shaped countertop which is also made of barn wood with a more natural color.

29. Recovered Walnut Wood Vintage Island

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

We haven’t come across this wood before. This is a walnut wood, which is specifically known for its bright caramel color.

Such uniqueness makes walnut wood surface a very easy to clean surface.

Other than that, this is suitable for you who’re planning to go with a vintage style kitchen. Its semi-circle edges really pull it off.

30. Unique Customized Pine Wood Island

modern kitchen island

The uniqueness of this island can be spotted from the single suspension. It is meant to be an eating or drinking area. That’s why the bottom is left open with a suspension, so chairs can be put in there.

Meanwhile, this unique island is made of reclaimed pine wood. It can be seen from its distinct color.

Topped by a granite countertop, the island is made of the same material as the cabinetry, making a strong statement.

31. Old Pine Sleek Portable Island

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens

The island holds the concept of a classic-modern. It looks sleek because of the black color. Accompanied by dusty gold pins, the island has a lot of storage spaces.

It is also complemented by some wheels, making it extremely portable. On top of the island, a polished, recovered old pine decorated it nicely.


The Best 24 Ideas of One Wall Kitchen Layout and Design


A one wall kitchen design isn’t a new concept. Until recently, a lot of people are beginning to see that this kind of design hold a lot of potentials, for example, the kitchen only takes up a single wall.

Interestingly, it sticks to the wall, which benefits you in certain things, such as gives you more space and prevents you from breaking up an open floor-plan from the kitchen to the dining space and living room.

Seeing that this is a very strategic design, you may want to take a look at the best 24 ideas of one wall kitchen design we’ve prepared for you!

1. A Simple One Wall Kitchen with Vibrant Colors

one wall kitchen plans

Vibrant colors are capable of giving us a warm feeling when we enter the room. This is a great example of a proper usage of cheerful colors, such as the green cabinets and yellow kitchen island.

Supported by those colors, this one wall kitchen layout is a smart idea to make space for the small dining table.

Then, touches of white color on several spots bring openness for the area. You can enjoy your breakfast comfortably without breaking out the simplicity of the room.

2. An All-White One Wall Kitchen Cabinetry

ikea one wall kitchen

Openness of an area becomes an important aspect in a house. It prevents you from feeling claustrophobic.

Plus, in modern houses, the value increases as buyers see such potential. A single wall kitchen layout would help a lot.

Leaving the traditional L-shaped kitchen, this kitchen occupies a limited space, which opens the area to the dining table.

Then, the variety of white cabinets on the wall also contributes to the open concept you may be looking for.

3. Futuristic One Wall Kitchen Idea with Invisible Cabinets

best one wall kitchen layout

Each day, there’s always a new design for a kitchen space. Whether it is rustic and traditional or modern and contemporary, each individual wants something different and uncommon.

This particular design displays a futuristic touch. Its clean-cut cabinetry is displayed with smooth surface.

Meanwhile, the overall kitchen area, including the breakfast counter, shows a clean-looking environment, which is the most essential aspect of a futuristic design.

4. Monochromatic-themed Single Wall Kitchen

luxury one wall kitchen

These days, it’s not a secret that people love to have a clean-looking kitchen space. The level of cleanliness may resemble the individual’s hygiene and sense of modernity. This kitchen looks very modern and updated.

Colored in black and white, the cabinets and the drawers fit neatly into the neutral gray-colored background. In this layout, you can see how open the area is!

That is because the wall is painted with gray and the use of white tiles is extremely helpful.

5. Country Style One Wall Kitchen Idea

one wall kitchen design ideas

This country style kitchen utilizes a single wall kitchen idea to create this simple cooking space.

This one wall kitchen design doesn’t have overhead cabinets, except the gravy rack on each corner, but that’s a great idea considering the ceiling isn’t high enough to create an open concept.

The white drawers and counter-height cabinets provide a clean-looking appearance against the dark wood floorings which supply depth and a little bit of heat in the area.

6. One Wall Kitchen Style with Rustic Touches and A Portable Island

best one wall kitchen layout

A one wall kitchen design isn’t only suitable for a modern kitchen plan, but it also works in a modern-day cabin style kitchen.

First of all, the wood ceiling is exposed, which is a lovely touch for rustic theme. Then, the single line drawers and cabinets are topped with dark countertops.

Another noticeable feature of the kitchen is the narrow, portable kitchen island. Even though it’s narrow, it’s enough for cutting ingredients.

7. One Wall Kitchen Idea with An Open Concept

best one wall kitchen layout

As you enter this kitchen, you’d see that the owner uses an all-white concept. White is used on almost every part of the kitchen, except floorings.

In this room, the high ceiling, walls, overhead cabinets, drawers, and breakfast counter are made in white, including the white quartz countertop, creating an open concept which makes the room larger.

To balance the brightness, the owner chose to include dark wood with different hues of brown.

8. A One Wall Kitchen Design for A Small Space

ikea one wall kitchen

A small space is often a challenge for a kitchen, but a one wall kitchen design works just fine with a limited space because it hugs only one wall, which leaves space for a breakfast counter or a narrow bar.

Apart from the white background, you can use wood for cabinetry, perhaps, pine or oak wood that sparks a light caramel color, which is also applicable for counter top and flooring.

9. Rustic Cabin Kitchen Style with A Single Wall Cabinetry

one wall kitchen with island

A kitchen with cabin style is also known as craftsman. It utilizes crafted wood for a lot of aspects in the room, such as the ceiling, overhead cabinets, cabinets, drawers, and flooring.

This kitchen has an exposed wood ceiling which is accompanied nicely with the rustic-looking hard wood flooring.

In between them, you’d see a single wall cabinetry that’s divided into the overhead and the waist-height cabinets.

Overall, the warm caramel color from the wood sends out a warm, welcoming feeling to whomever enter the kitchen.

10. A Single Line Kitchen Cabinet with Retro Style

luxury one wall kitchen

Isn’t this an eye-pleasing interior design?

The layout of everything is right on its place. The single line kitchen counter at the back may seem simple, but it’s enough for, at least, a stove and a single sink. In order to store cooking spices, you can create a unique built-in storage on the wall.

Moreover, using this particular design, you can actually place the refrigerator anywhere you like. However, it’s recommended to install it near the counter and the dining table.

11. A Clean-Cut Mediterranean Kitchen Style On One Wall

luxury one wall kitchen

A spacious room is often accompanied with neutral colors in order to keep it open and airy. This kitchen utilizes a single wall kitchen by centering the cooking area on one kitchen at the back.

It’s decorated with overhead white colored, see-through cabinets, while the counter is topped with hard wood countertop.

The mixture of white and brown in this kitchen is captivating, providing a warm and relaxing feeling to visitors.



12. One Wall Kitchen Concept with Marble Countertops

luxury one wall kitchen

White is a neutral color, which has been chosen by a lot of people to color their interior spaces.

This time, you can see white everywhere except on the flooring. This is actually a smart choice, because now the room looks clean, airy and open.

Moreover, the owner uses marble countertops that blend really well against white background. This kitchen also uses caramel brown wood board flooring, which gives a nice contrast to the whole area.

13. A Modern One Wall Kitchen Style with Dark Wood Flooring

one wall kitchen layout measurements

As you enter this kitchen, you’d notice that the space utilizes black and white colors.

In this example, you’d see that white is used for the ceiling, which makes it look higher.

Then, white is also used for dishwasher panel doors and the overhead cabinets. It is an excellent decision to have dark wood flooring as a contrast against the white decorations, because it gives the entire space a depth.

14. One Wall Contemporary Kitchen Design with Portable Island

luxury one wall kitchen

Do you know, the main purpose of a single wall kitchen design is to use a limited space for cooking activity, which includes hardware and appliances needed for kitchen, such as refrigerator, stove, vent, sink, cabinets, and racks for cutlery?

As seen in this kitchen, all of those hardware and appliances are stored nicely in an open green colored structure that frames the entire cooking area.

There’s also a portable island, which serves at least two purposes, a cooking island and a breakfast bar.

15. Simple Yet Elegant One Wall Kitchen Design

one wall kitchen plans

A lot of people believe that simplicity is the best policy, because the simpler the style; the more elegant it appears. That saying applies to this kitchen as it shows a simple design, yet it looks modern and elegant.

First, tiles are shown to have a unique pattern; it’s a pastel blue square on top of a creamy brown color.

Then, the wall and the overhead cabinets have similar color which brings warm and relaxing feeling.

Moreover, the existence of windows in between the cabinets provides a stunning view of the outdoor scenery.

16. Unique One Wall Kitchen Idea with Brick Frame

one wall kitchen with large island

Escaping the ordinary, this kitchen utilizes uncommon one wall kitchen design using bricks.

As you may already know, bricks are usually used to give a room rustic atmosphere. Many interior designers would suggest exposing bricks on one wall to make it unique and different.

It’s even more unique in this kitchen, because the bricks aren’t used for walls, but they’re used to frame kitchen hardware.

There are oven, refrigerator and the cabinets in the middle, separated by thin structures. How unique!

17. Bold Red One Wall Kitchen Design with Contrast from Wood Flooring

one wall kitchen design ideas

Red is a strong color. It is both bold and captivating. This one wall kitchen design is suitable for a spacious kitchen area, because it contains complete kitchen hardware.

At first glance, you may not see the refrigerator, but it’s hidden under an overhead cabinet. There are a lot of drawers and ceiling cabinets as well. Those are excellent options for extra storage.

Then, to balance the boldness, you can use a dark caramel wood for floorings, which give the entire room a warm, welcoming feeling.

18. A Single Wall Kitchen with Rustic Backsplash

ikea one wall kitchen

A kitchen counter cannot be separated from its backsplash. They’re almost like a couple of sandals; you can’t wear one without another.

This kitchen is a great example of a balance. The black color on the cabinets is overwhelming. It spreads out a modern feeling, especially when it’s topped by a hard wood countertop.

To balance the updated style, rustic exposed bricks are installed on the wall, including the backsplash area, which make this kitchen excellent.

19. Luxurious One Wall Kitchen with Huge Kitchen Island

one wall kitchen with island

First of all, this kitchen is huge. Even on a single wall, it has a lot of space to store all the hardware and a countless number of cabinets.

As seen, this kitchen chooses to use a darker caramel color for the cabinets, except the unique interior touch in the middle that is made different. On top of the oven and stove, the vent is framed with repainted wood, which makes it the center of the kitchen.

Other than that, this kitchen also has a huge island that can function as a bar as well.

20. One Wall Kitchen Design with Updated Style

one wall kitchen layout

Who’s kidding?

It’s 2018 and a lot of people are beginning to adopt the modern, slightly futuristic, kitchen plan.

While you’re wondering how it may look like, this one is the example of it. The clean-cut look is a result of white color used on the ceiling, walls and the box that frames the kitchen hardware.

Meanwhile, the stainless steel island and bar stools add more value to the futuristic theme in this kitchen. To make it less stiff, you can use crafted wood flooring with a nice, vibrant color and mounted wall accent that triggers warmth.

21. Dark Cabinets on A Single Wall with A Sense of Modernity

one wall kitchen with island

As you see, the entire space is open from the living room all the way to the kitchen, so the one wall kitchen layout works perfectly with the open floor plan.

From the living room’s point of view, the kitchen is hidden behind the narrow separation that you can only spot the island bar.

As you walk nearer, the dark cabinets would soon catch your attention. The dark color sets the tone of the entire kitchen space, making it look modern and stylish.

22. Basic One Wall Kitchen Idea

one wall kitchen with large island

This is an example of common single-wall kitchen design. The paneled doors are topped by a speckled granite countertop that’s well-balanced with the doors’ dark color.

Moreover, the overhead cabinets have see-through glass door, which would display your collection of cutlery.

Then, there’s also an island that doubles as a bar, either for breakfast or any meal during the day.

23. Trendy and Stylish One Wall Kitchen Design

one wall kitchen with large island

White is a neutral color that would give an area a modern look.

As seen, this modern kitchen gets its trendy and stylish appearance from its all-white theme. But it also acquires its updated look from the one wall kitchen design it applies. The simple design of a single wall kitchen is always fascinating.

It looks simple with the white overhead cabinets and counters, but a little help from the pendant lights and mounted ceiling lamps, the entire kitchen atmosphere changes into an elegant, updated kitchen area.

24. Contemporary One Wall Kitchen with Black and White Theme

best one wall kitchen layout

Often times, black is accompanied by white. This kitchen is an excellent example of the mixture.

With white backsplash tiles, the owner chose to utilize a strong colored overhead cabinets and waist-height drawers as such.

While the counter uses a dark top, the island at the front chooses to install a hard wood top to match with wood floorings.


28 Elegantly Stylish Mid Century Modern Kitchen Designs


Housing style is now becoming the concern for many people once they move to the new house. In this millennial era moreover, housing style is very important to create impression and comfort, for you to be in your own house, and for other people to visit your house.

In the current times, one of the most preferable styles for house concept is Mid Century modern style. That is because this style is very flexible and this style is able to mix and match with other preferences of styles starting from classic, traditional, modern, and etc.

You do not have to worry so much about choosing Mid Century modern style as your house design concept.

Talking about living room and bedroom seems easier since those are usually the rooms in the house with the biggest space in it. Therefore sometimes people set their living room or bedroom very well.

However, there is one room that must be there in every house and this is probably the heart of the house.

Yes, it is kitchen we are talking about. Kitchen is a room in the house with a strong role and function such as to make and eat food for the people in the house. This room is usually located in the back of the house.

Although this room is commonly there in the back, we must be able to make our kitchen well design just as we do that for the whole house.

The decoration of the kitchen in the house should be based on the needs of the people in the house. It must be efficiently put, not just as a kitchen utensils but also as a supporting details for our kitchen decoration.

Looking at the importance of kitchen decoration in accordance to our house design concept and the popularity of Mid Century modern style, here we provide you 28 inspirations and ideas of Mid Century Modern design for your beloved kitchen!

1. Granite Top Mid Century Modern Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen cabinet doors

Here is the first one we provide to you, Scandinavian kitchen style with the granite top in the countertop of the kitchen cabinets in your house. White on the top has always been a characteristic for Scandinavian kind of style in housing stage or design.

White marble or granite in the top of the counter top in the kitchen’s cabinet is also the signature of this kind of style. The natural color of the wood like standard brown for instance, is also supporting the beauty of the Thirties Scandinavian style.

At most, this style has one line room layout is usually one dimensional. Kitchen in this style is usually linked directly to the dining tables with the chairs as well. The reclaimed wood as the flooring is also preferable to reminisce the style of Scandinavian.

In the style of Mid Century modern housing, any styles can be mixed as long as the style fulfill the characteristics of Mid Century modern style such as having a big window or a space for the room to see outside in a large size.

As what you can see in the picture, the window is big with the one dimensional and white marble countertop with wooden cabinets is the perfect match for Mid Century modern.

2. An All-white Mid Century Kitchen Set

mid century modern kitchen table set

The first thing you notice must be on where there are many stuffs are put in the kitchen shelves, and it still looks good after all.

The traditional style for the house design, now we are talking about kitchen design in particular, is usually upholding the taste of elegant but timelessly aesthetic.

The color is commonly earthy on how the color of pine, oak, or plywood is always preferable to be used as the cabinets, backsplash, or flooring materials.

The use of white color in traditional style is also one of its characteristics on how white tiles or paint on the wall is going to give a contrast accent to other colors in the room.

That is how it makes the visualization of traditional style is very appealing. Gleaming marble countertops is also one of the requisite details that we can see in the picture for the kitchen in this style.

However, you need to pay attention if you want to make this kind of style in the Mid Century modern concept of the house especially on the light and the touch of nature in it.

It is better for you to have long window for the light to come in and you can probably out some plants or vase with the plants in the kitchen to give the touch of the nature as it is one of the characteristics of Mid Century modern style.

3. Beach Kitchen Style with Recovered Wood Island Cabinet

mid century modern kitchen backsplash

Beach style is one of the new housing styles in the new era you must know something about. At least now you are reading about that by now.

Looking at the color, beach theme for your house or especially your kitchen, is not a bad idea. The use of cool shades of blue and crisp white hues or airy color like turquoise is going to create a nuance of coastal in your own house.

Those colors combined with the natural color from the cabinets which are recovered wooden is very relaxing in the eye. Beach style of kitchen is not usually stuck in only one kind of layout.

Instead, this can be applied in a various type of room layout that you can customize based on your own house.

It is very god to have your kitchen have such a beach color vibes to begin with. It is going to be just fun cooking and making food in the kitchen atmosphere that smells like beach by looking at its room color and decoration.

The color from recovered oak wood which has a signature in its dark color is going to make your kitchen more appealing and warm.

4. Fresh Mid Century Modern Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen table set

Besides traditional kitchen style, contemporary style for your kitchen is also one of the most popular concepts. Kitchen in contemporary style usually come out in a free layout.

That is because contemporary style has no strict limitation in certain things. You can probably call this one casual style for your kitchen fashion.

The materials that is used is usually polished and the choice of color is usually bold and strong like the dark one, dark red for instance, like you can see in the image above.

The use of woods or marble is also not a big deal as long as you can set the choice of your color and freedom of kitchen styling in a right way without referring to one special characteristics of other styles.

5. Modern White Kitchen in Mid Century Style

mid century modern kitchen countertops

Here is the thing about modern design for your kitchen, it is supposed to have clean lines and aesthetic timeless silhouettes in the decoration of the tables, cabinets and other appealing subject in the kitchen.

People found this style similar with the contemporary style. However, one thing that becomes the hallmark for modern style in the Mid Century modern style is the use of the utensils and materials used in the kitchen.

Modern style usually have high quality kitchen set and the furniture material starting from the ceiling to the flooring.

The usage of high quality wooden flooring as well as the high quality marble countertop is considered into modern style.

That is because high quality stuff is more persuasive and inviting for the people to have good impression for your kitchen decoration.

6. Sunken Kitchen with Reclaimed Oak Wood Cabinet

mid century modern kitchen lighting

Sunken style in kitchen is never wrong. You can always have DIY with sunken kitchen style to link the countertop with the living room to invite the guest from the living room to the kitchen and linked directly to the dining room.

The use of reclaimed oak wood and its signature in dark brown color is going to be good for Mid Century modern style.

Remember to always consider the lighting and the view, since that is the characteristic of Mid Century modern house concept.

7. Beach Soft Kitchen Style with Pine Cabinet

mid century modern kitchen design ideas

The color for beach style is always very typical yet so iconic in comparison to other themes. The accent of tropical color like olive green, turquoise blue, light blue, and light brown just like sand makes your kitchen looks very inviting.

The use of wood in the cabinet or countertop in kitchen is also very popular.

The choice of one wood is good for you to be used in beach theme, notice that the color is brighter than oak wood which is darker.

8. Bright Traditional Kitchen Style with Soft Colors

mid century modern kitchen table set

One more important thing about mixing style to the Mid Century modern house design, is lighting. That is because Mid Century modern style is where outside nature and beauty of the house meet.

This style is good for your kitchen since this uses bright colors, mainly white, and that makes the room looks bigger even if maybe you are planning to have just minimalist kitchen in your house.

The look is going to be even natural and better with the combination of soft airy colors like blue or green or yellow in such a pastel transition.

This L-shaped countertop in kitchen is also used by many people. You need to make sure the light that comes in is able to give the good lighting for every side in your L-shaped kitchen.

9. Transitional Mid Century Modern Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen countertops

This style provides you the ability to combine the traditional style and contemporary style of the kitchen decoration.

Transitional style of kitchen decoration upholds the clean lines and simple minimalism. The choice of color is also more flexible since we all can combine what is there in the traditional style and contemporary one.

The usage of white marble as the countertop or dining table is also a good idea to neutralize the choice of color for cabinets, chair, or flooring. The use of pine woods like the picture shows you is also a good idea.

It is very necessary to let the light in. Therefore having large size of window in your kitchen is pretty much what the characteristics of Mid Century modern look like.

10. Mid Century Farmhouse Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen lighting

via bradleyrodgers.coFarmhouse style for the kitchen is supposed to look like mostly highly decorated with less unnatural details in the room.

However, you do not have to be worry about that since you can still give the touch of contemporary style into the farmhouse style to apply those combination in the Mid Century modern design for your kitchen.

The use of rustic countertop or kitchen shelves are going to have the elements of farmhouse concept.

However, the use of white wooden cabinet beneath the counter and the traditional kitchen set put in the shelves are going to give the nuance of a bit contemporary concept.

To be in the middle of those styles, hanging lamp is going to be just okay to be put above the counter of the kitchen. Besides, having traditional trash basket or rug in the kitchen does not matter.

11. All-white Recovered Wood with Granite Countertop

mid century modern kitchen backsplash

We’re back to the all-white decoration! This looks like a really luxurious and large pantry isn’t it. This style is also very preferable for you who likes clean line and luxurious impression in your kitchen.

The use of reclaimed wood in the flooring and white wooden cabinets are very supporting the elements of Mid Century modern kitchen style.

What is different in here is the use of granite or marble in the top of all countertop in the kitchen.

This makes clean line and make the kitchen more appealing. Moreover the existence f large windows and small plants are going to make the kitchen more ‘Mid Century’.

12. Customized Oak Wooden Island in Mid Century Kitchen

mid century modern kitchen backsplash

The appealing value of kitchen is taken from its color.

This one is very brave using the dark color of oak wood, reclaimed in the cabinets and flooring, and the light color like blue, rose, and olive green in the kitchen set and utensils.

Rustic look with this brave choice of color might be your good idea for Mid Century modern kitchen style.

13. Mid Century Craftsman Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen cabinet doors

Craftsman is the kitchen style where the appealing factor is on the organic and rustic touch of the room.

This room might not be a total craftsman category, therefore the touch of contemporary is always be there to neutralize.

This style was popularized in the early 20th century where nature is the trend of architecture field.

14. Mid Century Modern Kitchen with Open Design

mid century modern kitchen countertops

Mid Century modern style is where nature from the outside can be combined into one view with the decoration of your house, either through the window or any other glass materials that allows you to see outside.

This one is a good decoration for this style, moreover the touch of oak wood in the wall also spices up the overall look and adds a touch of rustic feel.

15. Barn Wood Kitchen in Mid Century Modern Style

mid century modern kitchen design ideas

The use of natural elements is always good for your house decoration, kitchen in particular, and it doesn’t limit to any kinds of wood. Barn wood is included.

The use of barn wood in combination with pine and oak just like the kitchen and dining decoration in the picture won’t hurt any eyes.

16. Rustic Kitchen Style with Barn Wood Island

mid century modern kitchen countertops

Just like the name, rustic comes in wooden for the appealing value in your kitchen.

Rustic style doesn’t come in only one decoration, but you can always mix the wood with any kinds of wood.

That is where your creativity is challenged in your own kitchen to use those different wood types.

17. Traditional Beach Kitchen Style with Reclaimed Oak Wood Countertop

mid century modern kitchen table set

Countertop indeed is giving a strong accent in a kitchen. Its surface is gonna take main attention in the kitchen.

Having this with reclaimed oak wood is very good idea. Moreover, if you put that in a beach color vibes like wavy pattern and light blue transition color. It’s going to create good contrast.

18. Reclaimed Wooden Mid Century Modern Kitchen with Granite Top

mid century modern kitchen storage

Kitchen surface must be clean! That’s what Momma said. This Mid Century modern kitchen have rustic attraction in the wooden wall and wooden flooring with reclaimed oak wood.

Having this style for your kitchen is brilliant! That means having rustic attraction with the polished marble or granite countertop as a contract in the accent.

19. Classic Mid Century Modern Kitchen Table

mid century modern kitchen table

Having the sunlight in to your one dimensional kitchen is very typical for Mid Century modern kitchen design.

The elements of reclaimed pine wood in the flooring and cabinets with modern kitchen furniture is the perfect example of contemporary style.

Having the big window to let the light in is even better to link this with Mid Century modern style.

20. Mid Century Kitchen with Industrial Touch

mid century modern kitchen table set

Sunken kitchen style in Mid Century modern style links the room and the nature outside. This one is even better because it’s using the elements of wood, in the counter, cabinets, and even the half of its wall.

Since this is linking to the dining and middle room, this is a good combination to make clear difference between wall for kitchen and wall for others in a sunken room style.

21. Mediterranean Mid Century Modern Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen backsplash

Mediterranean style upholds Greek design and its beauty through glaze marbles, bold color choice, and earth tones of color as well.

The counter is white and glaze marbles with light yellow in the wall and hanging lamp. The texture in the kitchen wall and corner wall is also representing the visual interest of Greek and Mediterranean style kitchen.

22. Modern Rectangular Kitchen Concept

mid century modern kitchen table set

This style is one of the others that efficiently use the space of the house. Making your kitchen space rectangular and link it to the dining room is good idea.

The use of modern utensils in the kitchen like white granite or marble counter and ceilings is very persuasive in the modern style.

However, big windows and glass door should not be forgotten. That is how modern style can match the nuance of Mid Century.

23. Rustic Mid Century Modern Kitchen Table

mid century modern kitchen storage

The beauty of craftsman work and the appealing factor of rustic elements are great combination for kitchen style.

Putting them using recovered oak wood in the kitchen cabinets and chairs with white marble in the counter and countertop is going to also give an accent and clean line in your kitchen decoration.

In this style, you don’t need to have wooden flooring otherwise you get the right color and reclaimed for that.

24. Minimalist Mid Century Modern Kitchen Cabinet

mid century modern kitchen table set

Having one elements as a unique and standing one for the contrast and the accent in the room is a great idea of all!

This room is basically a contemporary kind of room. The use of probably stainless refrigerator, hanging lamp, and polished ceilings are its characteristics.

What is unique is that this style use wooden elements in every ‘small door’ in the kitchen.

They are cabinets, shelves, cupboard, and others. That is how this room has contrast and accent.

25. Scandinavian Mid Century Modern Kitchen Style

mid century modern kitchen storage

Another variation for Scandinavian is here! This one really support Mid Century modern style in a unique way.

You must always let the sunlight in, but having it comes from the ceiling is genius! You can get it from the best spot to your kitchen.

The use of pine wood in the flooring and white granite in the counter is going to make the things look better. The wall is also white and it’s going to make the furniture looks efficiently out in a room.

26. Customized Pine Wood Kitchen Island

mid century modern kitchen backsplash

The good quality of pine wood has never been disappointing.

Therefore, just like in the picture, you can customize the use of your pine wood to make your cabinets and flooring and probably cupboard and walls to have the same color and make your kitchen island looks warming and elegant.

27. Wooden Transitional Kitchen Concept

mid century modern kitchen table

Transitional is where contemporary mixed with modern. This versatile style of kitchen decoration can be applied in a nuance of wooden.

The use of reclaimed oak and pine wood in the wall, cabinets, drawer, and ceilings are going to create good natural color.

That is important since Mid Century modern upholds the value of nature in your house decoration.

He use of white granite or probably marble at the counter and countertop and the upper wall in the kitchen is going to make the room even more elegant.

28. Wooden Dining with All White Decoration

mid century modern kitchen design ideas

Last but not least, this is also a good effort to uphold the idea of Mid Century modern style on home decoration. All-white color for the room is always good in any circumstances.

However, this design is very minimalist and it is linked to the dining room. The contrast must be there, like you cannot use all white just to make it look bright. You need to consider the contrast and accent in an all-white room of your house.

Therefore, the use of reclaimed pine wood flooring as well as the dining room set is made of nature. That is one of the way we can do to uphold the characteristics of Mid Century modern design for your kitchen.